What is new in ADONIS:CE 3.0

What is new in ADONIS:CE 3.0

We are happy to present you version 3.0 of ADONIS:Community Edition – free business process management tool. We hope you will enjoy working with it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

Below you will find overview of new features in this version.

General changes

  • New start page mechanism with “favourites” support
    The new ADONIS:CE start page gives you direct access to favourites, recently and currently opened models. You can define how many models should be shown, whether model state should be visualised and reorder the favourites.

    The display of ADONIS start page as well as the selection of user interface skins can be configured in user settings.


    To show/hide the start page use house Quick-Icon or F6.

  • New interface skin
  • During the installation tutorial models (extended for the version 3.0) are now automatically imported
  • New window showing important news for ADONIS:CE users (e.g. information about new learning videos, content for download)
  • One place to configure all user settings (F7)
  • Some additional bug fixes and adjustments of the tool functionality to the needs of non-corporate users


  • New mechanism of Modelling Assistant


  • New mechanism allowing to pre-fill newly created model with content


  • Option to draw new connectors right-angled automatically
  • New “BPMN 2.0 Light” mode suitable for descriptive process modelling
  • Extended model scrolling function (using Space key)
  • Moving of visualised text on connectors by dragging it


  • New mechanism of copying model and object references
  • Improvements when creating object’s references
  • Improvements in tabular view
  • Additional visualisation options for object Note


  • Additional visualisation options for object Cross-Reference


Import and export


  • New HTML publishing mechanism with modern look
  • New mechanism of generating standard report to PDF (it is no longer needed to have Word installed to create print reports)


ADONIS:Community Edition 3.0 comes with installation routine that does not require the manual installation of a database engine.

To install ADONIS:CE simply extract the ZIP package and run setup.exe from your installation package.

It will install a new database instance ADONISCE30, so that you will not be asked for a SA password, even if there are already other database instances.

To provide you compact installation package, installer downloads the necessary components (e.g. database engine), so please make sure you have an internet connection and your IE proxy settings are correct before running the setup.

Migration from ADONIS:CE 1.0/2.0

ADONIS:Community Edition 3.0 may be installed side by side with ADONIS:CE 1.0 and 2.0.

If you plan to migrate models created in ADONIS:CE 1.0/2.0 to the new release you will need to export them to an ADL file, and import them into ADONIS:CE 3.0 with the option “Import objects from previous A:CE version” enabled.