Are you interested in accessing APQC PCF (Cross-Industry) models for ADONIS:CE?

We are happy to inform you that thanks to APQC we can offer the PCF models to all ADONIS:Community Edition users.

“APQC’s Process Classification FrameworkSM (PCF) serves as an effective foundation for companies around the world to grow, innovate, and improve. APQC members have access to best practice research and benchmarking data based on the PCF. When organizations like BOC embed the PCF into their tools, it expands the reach of the framework and the thousands of hours of research that went into making it.” 

John Tesmer, Director, OSB, APQC

The PCF was developed by non-profit APQC, a global resource for benchmarking and best practices, and its member companies as an open standard to facilitate improvement through process management and benchmarking, regardless of industry, size, or geography. The PCF organizes operating and management processes into 12 enterprise level categories, including process groups and over 1,000 processes and associated activities. To download the full PCF or industry-specific versions of the PCF as well as associated measures and benchmarking, visit www.apqc.org/pcf

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Models for download

How to get the models?

1. Download the ZIP archive using the link below (Click and select “Save”):

APQC PCF models for download (ZIP archive)

2. Extract the ZIP archive e.g. to your desktop

3. Start ADONIS:CE and import the models (option ADL import)

Watch the video showing how to import the models.

4. Enjoy!

Now you can browse through 12 process categories…


… or publish the documentation in your intranet.


 Read the press release.