Discover commercial ADONIS features – offline animation

Offline animation

Offline animation (available only in commercial ADONIS) enables you to re-run a protocol (logfile) created during a simulation. As in a workload analysis simulation, the performers’ task stacks are animated in the Working environment while running offline animation.

The protocol file contains a history of all the relevant events of the simulation run. With the help of offline animation you can replay the protocols from the Capacity Analysis, Workload Analysis (steady-state view) and Workload Analysis (fixed time period view).

Offline animation has the following advantages compared to a "normal" simulation:

  • Replaying the simulation can be compared to a video. You can examine certain parts of the period simulated, fast forward or rewind the simulation protocol and replay the animation in single steps (both forward and backward).
  • Offline animation is usually faster than the simulation (depending on your models’ structure).
  • It is possible to investigate specific aspects of your models more closely (once you have the results from a "normal" simulation run). You may still define appropriate agents and repeat the previous simulation run exactly using the offline animation. The agents’ results are thus based on the same simulation events as the simulation results. There is therefore no problem in comparing them.