Discover commercial ADONIS features – agents


Functionality of agents (available only in commercial ADONIS) is to support you if you wish to calculate additional non-standard simulation results.

During the simulation the agents collect information about the behaviour of the Business process models or diagrams and thus produce additional simulation results.

The difference between the standard simulation results and the agents’ results is that you can freely define the results the agents are to determine. While the simulation calculates “general process measures”, such as cycle times and execution times, you can employ agents to calculate “process-specific measures” such as the cycle time up to a specific activity, the execution times of all manual activities or other company-specific measures.

Using agents you can determine evaluation results for process parts, subprocesses and different organisational structures in your Working environment models. If you instruct an agent to investigate only certain selected objects within a model, it will ignore all other objects of this model and not take them into account when the results are calculated.