9 good reasons to “Go Pro”

While ADONIS:CE is 100% free, there are good reasons to take it one step further and upgrade to our commercial ADONIS version. In case you are evaluating a BPA/BPM tool for professional usage, please contact us to arrange a test version based on the latest commercial ADONIS version.

9 good reasons to “Go Pro”

1 – BPM everywhere

role-based web-access with the ADONIS Process Portal (APP)



2 – Collaborative, multi-user BPM

enterprise-wide usage, mobile iPad Support, feedback mechanisms and more

3 – Full business scenario support

complete BPMN 2.0 language set, BPMN syntax checker, GRC reporting package, extended QM reporting and more



4 – Configurable publishing

add your own Word and PDF reports, configure HTML output and your Corporate Identity (CI)

5 – Enhanced BPA features

unleash the full potential of our analysis and simulation library



6 – Interfaces

SAP integration, BPM round trip scenarios and additional standard interfaces as well as capabilities to build custom solutions

7 – Extensibility

meta-model changes, further languages, additional plug-ins such as Release Workflow and Model Sign Off, ADONISdms and more



8 – First class support

benefit from 20 years of experience in professional Business Process Management

9 – Always up-to-date

continuously benefit from our latest innovations, be it in the modelling editor, analysis features, brand-new application scenarios or new collaboration features in the APP


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