Visio converter

Visio converter (beta)

Migrating to ADONIS:CE? Take your Visio diagrams with you!
By popular request we’re adding a new service to the ADONIS Community page.
Now all registered users may upload their VDX files in order to convert them to ADONIS format (ADL).
How to use the converter:

  1. In the frame below (you need to be logged in to see it) use the “Browse/Choose file” button (depending on your browser) to select Visio file (single VDX file, up to 10MB).
  2. Select conversion type that you wish to run:
    • If you used any of the popular BPMN stencils your Visio diagrams will be converted to ADONIS BPMN 2.0.
    • If you created simple flowcharts with default stencils you may convert them to “Business process models” (as part of ADONIS BPMS framework; you may transform them to BPMN 2.0 Business Process Diagram).
  3. Select encoding for the conversion depending on the language used in your diagrams. Use the “Western European” for English, German, French etc. Use the “Central European” for Czech, Hungarian, Polish etc. Use the “Cyrillic” for Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian etc.
  4. Click “Convert“. After few seconds you can download a ZIP package with ADL file. After unpacking the archive you can import the ADL file into ADONIS:CE.
  5. In ADONIS:CE, go to Import/export -> Model -> Visio Import (online converter)

Important note: our Visio converter needs port 8080 for transmitting files. If conversion does not work, please contact your network administrator to unblock the port.


Visio converter in action