Import your BPMN diagrams to ADONIS:CE using BPMN DI (XML) format

Migrating to ADONIS:CE? Take your BPMN 2.0 diagrams with you.

We’re adding a new service to the ADONIS Community page and ADONIS:CE 3.0.
Now all registered users may upload BPMN DI files exported from other tools and convert them to ADONIS:CE XML.
How to use the converter::

  • In the frame below (you need to be logged in to see it) use the “Browse/Choose file” button (depending on your browser) to select the BPMN DI file (single file, up to 10MB).
  • Click “Convert”. After few seconds you can download a ZIP package. After unpacking the archive you can import the XML file into ADONIS:CE.
  • In ADONIS:CE, go to Import/export–>Model–>BPMN DI import (online converter).


BOC Group is actively involved in BPMN Model Interchange Working Group – joint effort of vendors interested in BPMN diagram interchange among tools.

To learn more about MIWG visit: