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ADONIS:CE vs. ADONIS professional editions

lupe ADONIS:CE features check check
Model repository that fits the needs of any enterprise
Partial check Model and create as many objects as needed. With extensive repository capacity you can be sure that your model representation is as close to reality as possible.
Partial check Make valuable information available to everyone. Share processes with all stakeholders inside or outside the tool, e.g. with integration to Confluence and Sharepoint.
Technical support Partial check Don’t let technical problems halt your BPM inititatives. Our support hotline will keep you up and running at all times via email and phone.
Multi-user support cross check ADONIS allows for everyone to work in the same environment and encourages collaboration while reviewing and giving feedback on changes and improvements.
Advanced analysis features
cross check Now that you have created valuable content, it’s time to put it to work, run queries for QA and analysis, to assure accuracy, and get value out of your models through smart analysis.
Stakeholder dashboards cross check Get a quick overview of Process Performance (KPIs), Risks and Initiatives through the poweful stakeholder-specific dashboards.
Collaboration cross check Involve all your colleagues, discuss ideas, give suggestions and feedback directly in the process.
Graphical model comparison
cross check Save time by comparing and validating models automatically. Get a clear visualization of the changes in models, objects and their attributes with one click.
Object alignment cross check Use the various alignment options to keep your models nice and tidy with just one click and save the hassle of arranging and re-arranging objects manually.
Property filters cross check Focus only on what’s important. Use the predefined filters to display only the most relevant information to your users.
Tablet support cross check Stay on top of your processes with your iPad; monitor your dashboards, and review processes to advance the release workflow – all on-the-go.
Role selector cross check Get an overview of how other roles in your organization are involved with processes and their assets. Add any role to your dashboards and visualize it as they would.
Repository organizer cross check Drag and drop modelling elements from one Organizer window to another and arrange your modelling content in no time.
Validation cross check Rest assured that your modellers follow the set guidelines. ADONIS automatically runs validation checks to make sure guidelines defined by your organization are followed, and stick to the correct BPMN syntax.
Release workflow and versioning cross check Take your models through the release workflow to assure the methodical and business compliance of your models and manage versions automatically.

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