Export your BPMN diagrams to BPMN DI (XML) to execute them

Execute your BPMN diagrams!

We’re adding a new service to the ADONIS Community page and ADONIS:CE 3.0.
Now all registered users may upload XML files exported from ADONIS:CE and convert them to BPMN DI format.
How to use the converter:

  • In the frame below (you need to be logged in to see it) use the “Browse/Choose file” button (depending on your browser) to select the XML file (single file, up to 10MB).
  • Click “Convert”. After few seconds you can download a ZIP package with BPMN DI file. After unpacking the archive you can import the BPMN file into your preferred execution engine.


BOC Group is actively involved in BPMN Model Interchange Working Group – joint effort of vendors interested in BPMN diagram interchange among tools.

To learn more about BPMN MIWG visit: www.omgwiki.org/bpmn-miwg/